How to Play

Hello racing fans! Thanks for choosing MotoDynasty as your fantasy racing headquarters! Here is the inside scoop on how to participate in MotoDynasty gameplay. When you’re ready to select your riders for the upcoming race there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Once you pick the series you want to participate in from the Available Series list on the Play page you will be able to choose the race class as well (If applicable). Fantasy Supercross allows you to compete in the 450, 250 West and 250 East classes.
  • Continuing into 2017 is the 12-man race card. You will select the racers you believe will finish in the 1-12 spots in the main event.
  • You do not have to fill all 12 positions on the race card. It is up to you how many racers you play on your card each week. The only limit is the number of spots available on the race card, 1-12. If you’re playing competitively, obviously you will want to score the highest amount of points possible, so playing all 12 spots on the card would be beneficial. If you only want to play your favorite racers, you have that option with MotoDynasty.

BONUS SELECTION - Play at your own risk!

  • If you’re wanting to make up some ground, or you are just feeling lucky, pick a Heat Winner, and/or Main Event Hole Shot winner to receive more points! These points can fluctuate throughout the season so pay close attention to race reports and social media.
  • Be aware, the bonus scoring is very different. If you choose the wrong racer to win that specific category, points will be subtracted from your points total. If you choose the correct racer, you cash in on your bonus points!
  • Heat Race and Main Event Holeshot Bonus will lock out at the same time as your race card. Be aware of the time zone the race is being held in! All lockout times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


  • MotoDynasty gameplay is based on accuracy! You are choosing the order you think the racers are going to finish in the Supercross MAIN EVENT.
  • You will receive the maximum amount of points for placing a rider in the exact position he finishes in the main event. 35 points for choosing the correct winner and 30 points for choosing the correct finisher from 2-12.
  • The further a racer finishes from the position you placed him in, the fewer points you will receive for that racer. If your racer does not finish in the top 12 of the main event or overall, you will receive zero points for that racer.
  • You will be able to view your scores for each class in the Leaderboard page. This is where you will see how you stack up against the competition! You can break down the leaderboard by series, class and per round.


Heat Winner
  • This is where you will choose 1 racer that you think will win the heat race he is racing in, regardless of the racer being in the first or second heat race in Supercross.
  • If your selection is the winner, you earn 15 points
  • If you chose wrong, your points drop by 15 Main Event Hole Shot
Main Event Hole Shot
  • This is where you choose 1 racer that you think will pull the hole shot in the main event in Supercross
  • If your rider pulls the main event holeshot, you get 20 points
  • If your rider doesn’t cross the holeshot line first, you will be deducted 20 points
  • Your lineup will remain adjustable until it auto submits at the indicated time, then you can no longer adjust your race order and it’s time to go racing!

50-Point Position

This season, we are raising the stakes! There will be a 50-point “On the Money” position singled out for each round! To start the year off right, first place will be that position. What does this mean? It means that if you pick Ken Roczen (for example) to finish in first place, and he finishes first, you just scored 50 points with Ken Roczen. If he was to finish second or worse though, you will be scored via the regular scoring matrix breakdown. These will be crucial points to either make up ground or pull away with all season long! Be sure to open your Racer X MotoDynasty emails and check in on the social media feeds to find out where those 50 points are lurking on your race card each round. This applies to both classes each round, same position. Here is a look at the 17-round 50-point position schedule;

  • ANAHEIM 1 | 1st Place
  • SAN DIEGO | 8th Place
  • ANAHEIM 2 | 3rd Place
  • GLENDALE | 10th Place
  • OAKLAND | 5th Place
  • ARLINGTON | 9th Place
  • MINNEAPOLIS | 1st Place
  • ATLANTA | 4th Place
  • TORONTO | 11th Place
  • DAYTONA | 6th Place
  • INDIANAPOLIS | 2nd Place
  • DETROIT | 12th Place
  • ST. LOUIS | 7th Place
  • SEATTLE | 5th Place
  • SALT LAKE CITY | 4th Place
  • EAST RUTHERFORD | 3rd Place
  • LAS VEGAS | 2nd Place

Thanks so much for choosing Racer X MotoDynasty gameplay as your fantasy racing venue. We are really looking forward to a fun, competitive season with you guys! Good luck this weekend! The next race card will open up every Sunday. Thanks and good luck!